Kid’s Cleaning

Preventive Care
At Federal Way Dental Excellence your oral health is our top priority. Our goal is to keep you and your mouth as healthy and clean as possible so you can maintain your natural teeth for life  This starts with regular dental check ups and cleanings.  Our state registered dental hygienists provide the following services:
Pediatric Cleaning
We love working with kids! Bring your little one in as soon as they have teeth so we can help them learn to love going to the dentist at an early age.  For children who are old enough we will take xrays to detect any signs of decay starting.  We will gently polish their teeth, have doctor do an exam and place a fluoride varnish to prevent decay.   We understand that going to the dentist can be scary for kids.  We strive to make the appointment fun and easy as possible for them so they can become great patients for life!

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