Laser Therapy

Laser dentistry is on the cutting edge of modern dentistry and introduces a new way to treat many different dental problems. Laser dentistry provides a comfortable and convenient alternative to many traditional treatments. Laser dentistry is so precise and it reduces the risk of bacterial infections and damage to surrounded tissues. It reduces wound healing time and can minimize bleeding.

How Does Lynnwood Dental Excellence Use Laser Dentistry?

Dr. Michael Yu Yeh and Dr. Lance Stolworthy use laser dentistry for a variety of procedures including osseous surgery, gum grafting and to regenerate healthy gums. Using laser therapy lowers the risk of gum disease returning and allows healthy gums to regenerate quickly.

Why Use Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy offers a comfortable procedure for the patient. It also is beneficial for patients who suffer anxiety around dental appointments because there is no sound of drills or vibrations and less bleeding and swelling. Laser therapy is less invasive and requires less recovery time than is needed when using a scalpel or drill.

An added benefit to laser therapy is that there is no need for anesthesia. Laser therapy is almost painless which means patients will not have to be numbed and this cuts down on costs and possibility of complications.

Lastly, laser therapy reduces the risk of infections or damage to other areas. Using a laser tool, dentists are able to better target the diseased area than they would with a scalpel. With this precise method, there is less possibility of impacting the other parts of the tooth, gum or mouth. The laser sterilize any area it hits decreasing the chance of infection.

Laser therapy is the newest trend in dentistry and is only growing in its popular because it provides a pain free and easy way to care for their teeth. Call Port Orchard Dental Excellence to find out more about laser dentistry.

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